Living Space Tiles

Our modern tiles offer you the ability to design a living room with cutting-edge appeal, soft ambient colours, and inviting decor.

Floor tiles in living rooms can deliver the ultimate creative expression in interior design for balancing colour and shape. You can achieve a level of co-ordination and continuity to impress the most discerning guest.

Don’t forget the feature wall Using texture and colour or neutral 3-D tiles you can put your personality right at the heart of your home.

devant designs offer a range of wall and floor tiles in an array of designs, shades and materials to suit your project.


Tiles for entranceways are extremely practical and come in an endless variety of styles. Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are durable, do not fade and are easy to maintain. Your hallway — the first impression of your home’s interior – is one place you can unleash your creative side.

When planning any hallway or porch, the aim is to increase your home’s appeal (and possibly its resale value even when you’re not planning to sell).

devant designs has a wonderful array of wall and floor tiles to suit every project. Come in and let your imagination run riot.